Thursday, April 19, 2018

Red Trail 2018-04-17

Tuesday was mild and there were ominous clouds.  
It was decided that we do a short hike as rain showers were predicted for the pm. 
We hiked the Red Trail at Sheriff Creek without snowshoes. It was a slog but we prevailed.
We had 7 in our group as we trudged through the fresh snowfall. We met other people along the trail who were walking their dogs. 
We also met an interesting little woodland creature.  We could not help but stop for pictures.

PHOTOS courtesy Emily

Monday, April 16, 2018

***** Hiker Chicks Dinner *****

This month's Hiker Chicks dinner will be held on Thursday, April 26, 5 pm, at George's Restaurant.  Please call or text Astrid at 849-3879 if you would like to attend.  Bon appetit!

Saturday Hike 2018-04-14

PHOTOS courtesy Desiree

Intermediate Hike 2018-04-12

Old man winter couldn’t dampen the good time we had and oh yeah the hike was great too. Just an announcement 
that Georges” restaurant is having a fundraiser prime rib buffet for the little “bean” Elijah Hennesey on Sunday April 22nd from 4 to 8 PM . For all orders there will be a 5$ contribution to this cause from the restaurant. Sounds like fun hope to see you there.

PHOTOS courtesy Gayle

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Snowshoe Trail, 2018-04-07

We set out on a beautiful blue sky sunny day with at least a foot of fresh powder .
Jackie led us along the Snowshoe Trail.  We shared the task of breaking trail. Some tracks were visible in the snow: squirrel, fox and perhaps bear.  

We decided that the bear had heard us and cleared  out before we sat down on the usual lunch spot on the embankment overlooking the "cranberry pond".

Orville and Jim kept us on trail with the GPS. 
A good day for a hike.
Thanks a lot , Jackie.  PHOTOS courtesy Emily

Saturday, April 07, 2018

***** Denison Environmental Orientation *****

We had a full house at the annual orientation put on by Denison Environmental in March.   For those that missed the session,  please note that there are some changes in effect that you  should be aware of, especially if you are hike leader taking groups on mine sites.  Another session, same as the previous one, has been scheduled for Friday May 4, at 1:30 pm at the Denison Environmental office at 1 Horne Walk.  The session will last about half an hour, depending on questions and discussion.  It is recommended that all members who might visit the mine sites, attend the orientation ( if you have not already done so in March), especially those that are hike leaders.  The past orientations completed in 2017 are now expired and Denison Environmental has advised that we should complete the orientations before our next site visit. 

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Pictures from Saturday and Tuesday. Lunch with a view.  PHOTOS courtesy of Marty

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Minutes of meeting 2018-03-20

General Meeting March 20th/2018 

Members Present – 24

Laura C. opened the meeting at 6:50 pm

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by Gerry J. and seconded by Jim M.

Guest Speaker
City councillor Ed Pearce spoke on what is happening with Mississagi Park, and plans for future development that would include involvement with the First Nations People. An interesting activity in the park this summer will be Wild Rice Harvesting which will take place from August 8th- August 11th. Ed is working hard on getting some grants for the park and he would like it to remain a “wilderness park”. Our group will continue our involvement in the park as per usual. (maintaining Semiwite Creek and Helenbar trails) He is very open to suggestions from all of us!

President’s Report
- A highway clean-up will be scheduled for early May. Keep your eye on the blog for more details!
- The Denison Mine Environmental Orientation Meeting will be on Wednesday March 28th @ 1:30pm. It is strongly suggested that all Hike Leaders attend. If you can’t make it that day, another session can be booked in April. If you attended in 2017, past orientation has expired. Text or call Laura @ 827-1065 if you wish to attend.
- Shared Use Trail Meeting - Dan Gagnon is the new CAO for the Economic Development Council of E.L. and is very receptive to the club, which bodes well for us.
- Miscellaneous - The annual North Shore Forestry schedule is up. Notices are in The Elliot Lake Standard as well about tree planting, aerial spraying, etc.
- It looks like our stipend request from the city will be approved.

Vice-President’s Report 
Winterfest activities went very well! We had 49 snowshoers out to enjoy a leisurely hike with hot chocolate and weenies on Horne Island. Possible ideas for next year include advertising at the Ren Centre to encourage another demographic to attend, as well as a possible start location to be the Civic Centre or Spine beach. The races at the ski-hill did not seem to affect participation, so we may keep the date the same for next year. (during Winterfest)

Trail Masters Report
- Our request for new chainsaws, bush saws and other equipment valued at approx. $5,600 was submitted to the City’s Shared-Use Trail Committee. Approval pending. Shared-use equipment will be stored at the White Mountain Academy, and will be maintained by the city.
Astrid moved to have our current equipment that is stored in Ron’s garage be stored at the Snowbirds Snowmobile Club, seconded by Gerry J.
- The bridge in the Cobre Trail will be replaced this summer with a grant from the MNR. It will not be done by us.
- Marty said could use another chainsaw. Gerry J. moved to advance money for this, second by Jim M.
- We are also looking into the possibility of getting money from the VTA for a chainsaw.
- Chainsaw training for all those who signed up is still proceeding. Date TBA.
- The Junior Ranger program at the park will be going on again this year, and we are able to use them to help with trail clearing in the park.

Secretary/Treasurers Report
Jackie S. reported all transactions since our last meeting in January. Approved by Gerry J., seconded by Jim M

Ongoing Business
- George H. reported on the clubs’ affiliation with the VTA and we heard about insurance savings if we deal directly with “Hike Ontario”. He will continue to research this and report back at the next meeting, including the club organization structure (if any) required to deal with “Hike Ontario”.
- After some lively discussion about our club name “Coureurs de Bois Outdoor Club” it was resolved to keep our name the same. Moved by Grant M, seconded by Jim M. Motion carried by a vote of 20 – 3.
- Phill Barnes is still looking into how to grade our “easy” hike trails.

New Business
- Gerry J. says we need to replace the harnesses on our children’s snowshoes, and one snowshoe from Winterfest needs to be fixed. Gerry moves to get approval for snowshoe repair, second by Jim M.
- Trivia Night will be at the Curling Club on April 13th @ 6:30 pm. Last year we had two teams and did well! The cost is $20 pp. Let’s beat those librarians! Contact Jim M. if you are interested @ 705-848-6035.
- Donna C. reported that we are now 101 members strong! Yay!!!!
- Hike Leader Sheets are available from Jackie S. Contact her if you need more by text or phone @416-560-7263

Hike Leaders meeting is scheduled for March 27th @ 2:30 pm at the Snowbirds’ Trailer.

The next meeting General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 15th @ 7pm at the Snowbirds’ Trailer.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm. Minutes prepared by Jackie Schuknecht

Fire Tower trail 2018-03-24

So close to town and so good!!!  Laura led 10 hikers up Bruno’s trail and along Fire Tower trail to the Fire Tower lookout.  On the return trip we took Wesner Trail. We enjoyed beautiful sunny weather, spectacular views, and great company.   Thanks to all those that came out.  PHOTOS courtesy Laura and Jackie

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Intermediate Hike

The Intermediate hike will be a road hike to Westner Lake. We will commence from the parking spot just before the private gate area ( located on  the left hand side on the end of the road past the golf course ) and hike past the treatment centre to the lake and return. Proper footwear with good treads and snow cleats are recommended as there are some icy patches. I have notifies Denison Enviromental to gain permission to access this site and have received confirmation. Thank you Gayle Robinson